This custom made audio shelf is designed to closely follow the design of the original shelf but to incorporate a set of turbo door grills (not included) concealing a high quality audio shelf.

The top section is molded from glassfibre composite and is bonded to an MDF baffle board for you to mount your favorite brand of speaker.

The shelf fits exactly as an original shelf would and even takes the tailgate ties from your original shelf so that it lifts as the tailgate is opened, mounting to the parcel shelf side supports is by an aluminum rod running the full width of the shelf so wont break off as was common on the original shelves.

These can be finished in Grey or Black Flock, to match the grey GT Turbo speaker grills are required or to match the black flock you can use speaker grills from an early renault extra van (same design of grill but in black plastic)

This part can be fitted and removed without any modification or damage to any other parts of the car.

Our Price Only 299.99

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Flock Colour

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Flock Colour

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