About Flocking


What is flocking ? - It is a coating of nylon fibres all applied end on using electrostatic equipment to give a dense suede like finish.

What can be flocked ? - Almost any non-porous material can be flocked.

Why do you use electrostatic equipment to flock ? - The high voltage electrostatic charge propels the fibre first through a gauze in the flocking lance to ensure all flock fibres are separated from each other and then end on into the adhesive coated part to give a high density even finish. Flocking done without electrostatics such as the DIY ebay kits for jewelry boxes result in fibres laying at random angles giving a patch less durable finish without the light absorbing properties desirable for motorsport applications.

Why do cars used in motorsport often have flocked dashboards ? - The nylon fibres stood end on over the part by electrostatic flocking will absorb the light dramatically reduce glare and reflections in the windscreen giving you a clearer view of the road or track. The better you can see when competing the more competitive you will be.

Is flock water proof ? - Yes, the nylon flock fibres are waterproof as is the special adhesive used when applying them. If you look at the front window rubbers of virtually any car you will find the inside edge that the window runs in will have a flock coating on it to allow the windows to run up and down smoothly.

How durable is flock ? - A flocked finish is very durable. Many car manufacturers use it in glove compartments, coin trays and on window rubbers as previously mentioned. The nylon fibres are very hard wearing when applied densely with electrostatics and the special three part epoxy adhesive used by Phoenix Autosport will ensure your parts look great for years to come.

How do I clean my flocked parts ? - To remove any loose dirt or dust a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner is the best option (the ones that come with dysons are perfect). If you need to remove spillages or more stubborn dirt warm water and a cloth can be used or a good tip to spot clean and lift dirt out is to use an old spray bottle like most household cleaners come in, wash it out and fill with warm water and you can use it close-up on the part like a mini pressure washer, just hold a cloth under where you are cleaning and use the spray to lift out the dirt.

Can I send you my own or modified parts ? - Yes you can, many of our customers ship their own parts to us for flocking. We advise customers to use a service that is both tracked and insured when shipping to us to ensure their parts are covered. Parcelforce services are some of the most accessible as they can be sent throgh post offices or for larger items booked online for collection at some very reasonable rates.

Can I visit you to drop off and collect my parts ? - Yes we are always happy for our customers to visit us but please call us before hand to ensure someone will be available to see you as we can get busy and are not always able to drop what we are doing at a moments notice.